Low Kok Choon
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Thanks for checking me out! I am Low - the current principle trainer for Companion Dog Trainers. Being an Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) Accredited Trainer and with more than a decade of dog training experience under my belt, I will be guiding you on your journey of training your dog to be a reliable companion.

I believe that learning never stops - for both trainers, handlers and dogs!! I strive to constantly upgrade myself in my thirst for knowledge and I am always happy to share the knowledge and experience I have. For some of the stuff I have done (and I have done quite a wide-ranging bit of stuff!), do take a look at my qualifications!

I’m a professional dog trainer and I’ve competed and won awards in obedience competitions, agility competitions, jumper competitions and even dog grooming competitions. However, dog training is not my full time job as the price we charge for the courses doesn’t cover my bills!! While I am fortunate enough to have support from my family to pursue my interests, (I am a BCA registered technical personnel cum business development manager in my family-run landscaping & horticulture business), I am also currently an CEA Registered Senior Associate Marketing Director in a real estate company. I gave up my MAS representative license as a financial consultant on 31st Dec 2015 due to the new MAS regulations on FCs engaging in other trades.

Companion Dog Trainers is known as one of the premium dog training schools in Singapore. Having been entrusted with the management of Companion Dog Trainers from my shifus (Chinese for mentors), I am responsible to upkeep the good name and reputation built up over the years! I

Principle Trainer - Low Kok Choon (Low)

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