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Training Saves Lives
We believe that training saves dogs' lives. To quote Dr Ian Dunbar, one of the most prominent dog trainers and behaviorists in the world, "Without training, the life of a puppy is predictable: chewing, soiling the house, digging up the garden, followed by a trip to the shelter where, if it's lucky, it gets another try. Without training, that dog will be dead in less than a year." A trained and well-behaved dog is a joy to have around!!

A Dog Is For Life
A dog is for life - your life or his… Whoever goes first… Behavioral issues should not be a reason to give up the dog! We will help you to solve the problems!

Our Guarantee
We DO NOT guarantee results! This is because Low is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and we strive to follow the Code of Professional Conduct & Responsibility. However, we are so confident of our training methods and results that our course comes complete with a lifetime of free ‘refresher’ dog training for your dog’s entire life! Your dog is your responsibility and you have to make the effort to practice! We will continue to assist you as long as you require!

Lifetime Refresher Training
If at any time, you feel that your dog requires extra training, feel free to drop by any of our classes being held!! No charge! (Same dog only!!)

Methods Of Training
Dog training is not a ‘one-size fits all’ thing. We will continuously assess the dogs as the training goes on and we will modify the training slightly to ensure effective training. We are ‘Balanced Trainers’ and we focus our training on the ‘Balanced Approach’ in which we do not limit the training by a specific predefined set of rules. We are strongly opposed to cruel or unnecessarily harsh training methods but also do not agree to the ‘Purely Positive’ style of training. We do note that it is a fine line between discipline and abuse and as such, we feel that it is important to educate dog owners properly instead of simply believing everything you read online.

Professional Courtesy
Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or dog behaviorist nowadays. Some are certified by certain organizations, some are given upon payment of certain monies, some are conferred upon completion of a short course, some are based on experience and some just felt that the title gives them certain prestige. If that is what other people want to call themselves, go ahead! We feel that it is rude and unprofessional to comment on other trainers and/or their methods. We prefer to let the results speak for themselves.

We encourage adoption - which is why we extend a discount off course fees for our Basic Obedience Course to all Singapore Specials (local breed without any resemblances to a pedigree breed) and all dogs with an adoption letter from an animal shelter or animal welfare group. If you are referred from one of the shelter groups which regularly works with us, do make a note on the Registration Form and we will make a small donation to the shelter upon receipt of your course fees - just our way of giving back to society.

Affordable Course Fees
Being once in your shoes while looking around for a dog obedience trainer, we know that the costs of having a new member in the family can already be daunting. As such, we aim to keep prices low - not because we want to undercut the competition or to spoil the market, not because we are not qualified trainers, not because we offer sub-standard training, not because we are only ‘worth so much’.. But because we want to make a difference to you and your dog’s lives!!

Our Training Philosophy & Beliefs