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Companion Dog Trainers are professional dog trainers (actually we are more of dog training instructors - we don’t really train your dogs.. Instead, we teach you easy and proven methods to train your own dogs!!). Do note that we are not full time trainers!! This is because in Singapore, this would not be financially viable as the dog training market is still reasonably small with most people looking for dog training assistance only when their dogs get into trouble. In order to make it a full time job, we would have to charge course fees which are a lot higher! Besides, dog training to us is more of a passion to which we dedicate our weekends to. Our main rewards would be seeing the transformation of problematic dogs into dogs which would become good canine citizens.

Singapore does not currently have an accredited training school or system to train dog obedience trainers. Companion Dog Trainers is a member of the Dog Trainers Association of Singapore and we are working towards the establishment of such a system in corporation with the AVA. At the moment, Companion Dog Trainers practices an Apprenticeship system in which promising Advanced Obedience Course students are offered a chance to serve as an Assistant Instructor for the Basic Obedience Course. Singapore is a society that places a lot of emphasis on results - as such, Companion Dog Trainers require all our full-fledged instructors to have at least attained a Companion Dog (CD) Title for their own dog! (Singapore’s CD title is only conferred after qualifying in sanctioned Open Class Obedience trials unlike other countries where the title is conferred after qualifying 3 times in Novice Class..)

As it commonly takes around 2 - 3 years for a dog to qualify for this title (Pre-Novice → Novice → Intermediate → Open Class), Assistant Instructors generally have to serve at least an apprenticeship of this length or more!! During this period, they will also pick up instructing skills as well as gain experience in the handling of dogs and solving common issues faced by dog owners. We have also had students who subsequently left to set up their own dog training practice too!

Low Kok Choon (Low) is the current principle instructor for courses conducted by Companion Dog Trainers. He will be assisted by Assistant Instructors, Tarinee and Yamaha. They are our Advanced Obedience Course students and are currently working towards getting AVA Accreditation as well as a CD title for their dog, Taro. Taro has since achieved prize placings in Pre-Novice, Novice, Intermediate and Open class categories of the SKC, PETAS and/or DTA Sanctioned Obedience Trials. This is in additional to their work as a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dog Singapore!

For more information about Low and his qualifications, please click here.

For more information about Yamaha and Tarinee, please click here.

Alternatively, feel free to drop by and observe any of our on-going class - we will be happy to have a discussion with you after the lesson!

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